About Us

MIssion Statement

A creative and inclusive clothing brand that supports the outcasts of society with well thought out designed pieces.


Shades of White Apparel’s initial idea is to speak on a number of topics without having to commit to one vision and therefore creating many brands to communicate, as a result we use main ideas for our collections such as the 3 icons in the photo.

These ideas individually promote a main message to educate the consumer and build a relationship based on self awareness and the exchange of information through fashion and other appropriate means of expression.


Our logo designed and curated by owner and founder Tanaka Chinounye, was carefully thought out to include all our values as a brand.

*The O* in the middle is an all seeing being with one that we as a society and experience good and bad. We see this as a driving force for all our concepts as higher thinking is required to create inclusive ideas,

*Colors* in the logo represent all ethnic groups and personal preferences individuals may have, we do not judge anyone for their choices as we are very supportive of each individual’s preference and views towards everything. 

*SHADES OF WHITE* the color white is related to purity and lack of flaws, as a brand we strive to show that all things have their shades / flaws. The goal is not to shame or attack anything but to view it realistically whilst understanding all things are equally valuable.